TL Position Opening: Account Manager

February 26 2015


We are seeking an experienced marketing account manager to join our growing company. The Marketing Account Manager has several roles, key among them: developing custom marketing plans, managing teams of content creators, and collaborating closely with clients. In order to be successful in this role, the applicant must be skilled at applying the full marketing mix to meet client goals. The applicant must also have a talent for managing multiple programs, initiative and teams, and a passion for marketing to technical audiences.

Job Title

      Account Manager

Reports To

      Team Owner


      Preferably Santa Monica

Job Description

Type: Contractor
Contract: Indefinite - Can be renewed based on performance
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Interfaces with clients in order to plan, design, and develop new marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Manages the writing, video, and graphic content teams in the creation of custom content for client KPIs
  • Manages social media teams on instagram, twitter and facebook and acts as editor for all public communications
  • Coordinates with relevant support teams and handles production schedules, asset lists and other campaign documents
  • Establishes and maintains client relationships through daily contact to emphasize growth of existing accounts
  • Monitors business metrics in regard to revenues, costs, and profitability of marketing teams and divisions

Job Requirements

The applicant must possess:
  • A working knowledge and understand of esports, marketing and project management
  • An independent desire to solve problems and create new marketing channels
  • Technical skills on relevant marketing software
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills for internal and external correspondence

Education and Relevant Job Experience

3+ years of marketing and project management

Application Process

Please send your cover letter and resume or a cover letter with a link to your LinkedIn to
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