Red Bull talks to Liquid`Nazgul

February 13 2015
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Founder and Co-owner of Team Liquid, Victor Goossens a.k.a. Liquid`Nazgul, has talked to Rob Zacny from Red Bull esports.

Goossens was a kid when he started Team Liquid. It was never meant to be a major eSports organization at all. Team Liquid was a place for passionate Brood War fans and players to hang out and follow the fascinating, unique pro landscape in Korea.

"I started Team Liquid when I was 15 or something, just as a clan on []," Goossens recalls. "Then, one or two years later, we started the site. Then I basically ran Team Liquid as a hobby, with a huge voluntary staff. There was no business motive there. I was really a poker player!"

To Goossens' way of thinking, StarCraft 2 itself was the first major change to hit Team Liquid, and the first step on a journey that's taken the organization into almost every corner of competitive gaming.

Interviewer: Rob Zacny
Graphics: Red Bull
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