Savjz's Road to World Championships 2015 Review

February 02 2015
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Savjz's Vlog

A Review of the "road to the world championships"

by Liquid`Savjz

Blizzard announced this week what it would take to qualify for the 2015 Hearthstone World Championships. Savjz decided to look at these changes in a vlog and talk about the implications of each.

Overall, I am a fan of how this new system looks. While I think that there are a couple of changes that I disagree with, the majority of the changes are good. The video is more in depth, but the main points are the new qualifiers and the Conquest format.

The most notable change to the qualifiers are that the online first round will be much smaller. This year's phase one will consist of only 40 players from the region and thus reward the qualifying players more. Online cups are now a more important part of maximizing your points earned. Finally, there is the last chance qualifier. This is one of the changes I dislike due, in part, to the number of slots it gives.

The new match structure -- Conquest mode -- will be a cool new challenge in the tournament scene. The inspiration for this change comes from wanting to make tournaments more like ladder: a goal which it accomplishes. With no more bans and much less hard countering, the new format should be more balanced than our current one. There are some specific decks I personally expect to see more play now because of this.

So those are the major updates coming to the Hearthstone World Championships in 2015. If you want more information and some of my other opinions on said changes check out my vlog.

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