Namecheap Sponsors Team Liquid

January 30 2015

Namecheap sponsors Team Liquid

After our big announcement last week we have yet more exciting sponsor news for you, as we welcome Namecheap to the ranks of esports. Namecheap is a leading domain name registrar and web hosting company, known for their strong anti-SOPA position as well as their support for net neutrality.

During our earliest conversations with Namecheap, the first thing I did was to ask R1CH what he thought about them. His reply was that we were already using their services for our domains. Having worked with R1CH for such a long time I've learned that his stamp of approval is the ultimate achievement for a tech company like this. Having heard that, I knew we had to make this deal to happen. There is no better promotion than the genuine usage of a company’s services. If we were using it before ever talking to them, we can certainly recommend that you do the same.

With their support for net neutrality, they fight to keep the internet free and open for everyone. For those not in the know, net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers should treat all data on the internet equally. As an industry that heavily relies on streaming services such as Twitch, we directly depend on net neutrality to exist. This is not just for practicality however, it is a question of priciple. I can't imagine a world where the internet and information are subjectively locked by some global conglomerates based on what they think we should be doing with it.

I'm excited and proud to work alongside such a company. This sponsorship is not the only activity Namecheap will have in esports. They really plan to put themselves out there in order to become a part of the scene. Needless to say it is important for major companies to see results from their investments in order to make them worth it. This means that the more people react to this sponsorship by picking them as the domain name registrar of their choice the better.

If you are looking to put your domain with a company that is worth supporting; consider moving your domain to Namecheap. For those of you looking to register new sites you too will be welcomed with open arms.

Let Namecheap know you care on Twitter @Namecheap. Thank you for reading and thanks for all the support,

- Liquid`Nazgul

For the longest time, Team Liquid was the only place to go to find all your esports news and to see how your favorite competitive gamers were doing, even if they were thousands of miles away in Korea. If you were beating all of your friends at Starcraft, you went to Team Liquid to humble yourself.

When I joined Namecheap to help launch their esports adventure, I knew we had to find a team that shared Namecheap’s ideals. It was a godsend to discover that Team Liquid not only used us for their domains, but also strongly supported our stance on Internet freedom.

Ever since Brood War, esports have been a huge part of my life, and Team Liquid has been my favorite team to follow. They’ve played a huge part in some of my favorite esports memories: the Summer(s) of Taeja, Sea’s mech play, Savjz’s run during SeatStory Cup, and—of course—Sylar falling and Liquid doing it. Now, with a supremely talented League and CS:GO team, Team Liquid is poised to have an amazing 2015.

With all of this in mind, I am incredibly happy to announce Namecheap’s sponsorship of Team Liquid, an organization that not only has a storied history, but also shares our values. We are also incredibly excited about our upcoming collaboration projects, which we hope will provide a ton of value to the esports scene.

Here at Namecheap, we love esports and couldn't think of a better partner to begin our journey with than Nazgul, LiQuiD112, and the rest of the TL guys. TL FIGHTING!"

–Sebastian Park (@Seb_Park) Head of esports, Namecheap

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