Introducing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

January 13 2015

Hi Everyone,

I am Steve Perino, the General Manager for Liquid’s League of Legends team. I am so excited to announce that Liquid's expansion continues. Though we only recently launched,, we now we extend our reach into Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This is something very close to my heart as I was a professional player for many years competing at the highest level. I was given the opportunity by Victor and Steve to find a team that represents Liquid's values and ambition using my unique knowledge of the ideal components of a great team and the scene's players.

This team was handpicked by yours truly from quite a number of potential teams, but the five players with us today—adreN, nitr0, NAF, FugLy, and Daps—possessed the key ingredients that we believe were most important. The team has a certain harmony that feels natural and sincere, which shows in their mutual respect and concern for one another. Most of all, they enjoy playing the game and care about the community and they can't wait to give back with the help of Team Liquid's established reputation. You will find the members of our new team streaming, interacting on the forums and social media, and participating and mingling in LAN Events. We want to set an example of how a professional and hardworking CS:GO team should function, and our faith in this group of five is unwavering. The players too, are all in with us, as they have set aside other commitments in order to focus on CS:GO full time. We will be implementing new practice techniques and schedules in order to elevate their play, and our coaches and analysts will be working hard with the team to ensure that we are prepared for every match.

This will be huge year for CS:GO, and I am glad that Team Liquid will be a part of it. I've known some of these guys for more than 10 years, and I know that they will not disappoint. I am proud to be the manager of both our League of Legends and our new Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams, and we hope that you will be there to watch our ascendance.

adreN • Daps • FugLy • NAF • nitr0

From Damian "Daps" Steele:

Our team is extremely excited to announce that we will be joining Team Liquid for all future matches and events! The core of our team has been together for just over 6 months and we have already accomplished a lot with our young and talented roster. We feel that being a part of Team Liquid will allow us to take our game to the next level and accomplish even more in the future. We would also like to thank Robby and Denial eSports for taking our team into their organization in 2014 and for letting us compete and show what we were capable of at the events that we attended. 2015 is the year of CSGO and our team can't wait to begin competing again in this new year with Team Liquid!

From Robby "Ringokid" Ringnalda:

Today is a sad day for me, because i have to say goodbye to a team that i watched grow. In the end of the day i am happy for the team but wish i could have watched them continue to grow. I am appreciative of all the professionalism shown on Team Liquid's part and am looking forward to working with them in the future if at all possible.

From Eric 'adreN' Hoag:

"nitr0" Nick Cannella
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"FugLy" Jacob Medina
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"NAF" Keith Markovic
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"Daps" Damian Steele
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