An introduction to our mid-laner, Liquid`FeniX

January 13 2015
Photo Credit: Rudy Martinez


We would like to introduce to you one of the newest additions to our player roster. It is Kim “Fenix” JaeHoon, our mid laner from the newly acquired LoL team. Fenix is 19 years old and came from Korea to America to play professional League of Legends. In Korea he lived the dream of every high school student and became a professional e-Sports player while finishing his high school and he quickly became a top tier player on the Korean ladder, capturing the attention of professional teams. He started out as a training member for CJ Entus and became a starter on the amateur team Eat Sleep Game (ESG) which managed to qualify for OGN without having a sponsor. Shortly after their success they were acquired by Jin Air Greenwings which took over Team 8 and branched out into League of Legends. Fenix, at this time called Miso, was the top laner for the Jin Air Greenwings Falcons. In his first OGN season he reached the rounds of 8 and dropped out against SKT T1 which later became the winner of that season. After leaving Jin Air in Summer 2014 he was looking for a new opportunity and found it in the form of Curse Gaming. With his move overseas he also switched his role from top to mid lane.

Q: Hello and welcome to Teamliquid. Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
A: I am FeniX former Jin Air player Miso and now I am the mid laner for Teamliquid.

Q: How did you become a progamer? What did your parents say?
A: I was studying hard when a friend showed me the game once because of that I started playing it. It was a lot of fun around level 20 I got the dream of becoming a professional. When I told my parents for the first time our relationship became bad to some degree and they didn’t like it but these days they believe in me and want me to succeed.

Q: You were a training member at the CJ Team. How did you become one and what was it like?
A: It was just sometimes scrimming, watching games and playing solo queue. Basically I just did a lot of solo queue (laughs).

Q: How long did it take you to become a training member?
A: When I reached level 30 it took me roughly 8 months because I finished high school at the same time.

Q: What was your parents response when you said that you are going to america?
A: I am the youngest son so they are worried but they believe in me (laughs).

Q: What is your goal which you want to accomplish in America?
A: I want to become the best mid laner in America (laughs).

Q: Your first impression of America?
A: The food seems to be tasty and at first I couldn’t speak English well so the people seemed a little bit scary but now its fine.

Q: Difference between Korean and American server?
A: On the korean server the desire to win is always very high? Koreans really hate losing. So teammates always argue and fight? But on the American server in comparison to the Korean server the game seems to be more enjoyable. Teammates don’t fight and don’t surrender (laughs). In Korea they surrender a lot.

Q: Is the gaming house atmosphere different or similar to the one in Korea?
A: Life is similar. In America the atmosphere seems to be even better.

Q: Can you describe your teammates?
A: hmm Xpecial really cared about me. Dom really wants to win and is a mischievous boy. Quas has a very quiet and try hard style. Piglet takes the game really seriously and I learned a lot from him. They are all really skilled.

Q: If your teammates were LoL Champions, which champions would they be and why?
A: Quas would be Alistar because he is very buff. Dom is shaco because he is so mischievous. Xpecial is Soraka I get a motherly feeling from him. Piglet would be Vayne because he is always hunting (I think he meant he is always chasing to improve but dont know a better english word or hunting for success).

Q: Is there anything else you want to say to your foreign fans?
A: I am not very famous and many people don’t know me yet but I will show definitely a good performance that will stand out in your mind.

Interviewer: Chexx
Graphics & Format: shiroiusagi
Photo Credit: Rudy Martinez
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