Name: David Bloomquist Age: 22 Country: USA


  • @YusuiLoL @TreatzLoL Dhokes lookin big in and outside of the game 4 days
  • @YusuiLoL @ImAviLoL here to talk anytime brother we in it together 😘 36 days
  • @YusuiLoL RT @chelseacutler: don’t rly know what to say because i want to be considerate and make room for other more important voices on social medi… 36 days
  • @YusuiLoL RT @Lourlo: All donations and subs today will be directly going to the #BlackLivesMatter movement I will also be donating more on top of wh… 37 days
  • @YusuiLoL @TreatzLoL headshot 44 days