Name: Jake Puchero Age: 28 Country: USA


  • @Xmithie @xSojin @clgaming W t f 11 hours
  • @Xmithie @floaromaa @peterparkTV @edisonparklive Only if we turn on PvP 1 day
  • @Xmithie @floaromaa @peterparkTV @edisonparklive Rust is better DST. 1 day
  • @Xmithie RT @TeamLiquidLoL: This month's #JerseyThursdays giveaway features a gift card to @jerseymikes, and a jersey featuring NA's most decoratedā€¦ 2 days
  • @Xmithie @floaromaa @ChubsLoL After playoffs since y'all are not home šŸ˜© 2 days