Name: Mark Schlappi Age: 24 Country: Netherlands Liquipedia Profile


  • @liquidthermy RT @_Borsti: The second to last Day of #DHSC2 #ESLProTour is about to start! Lower Bracket R4: @Reynor02 vs @Liquid_MaNa and @liquidtherm… 42 mins
  • @liquidthermy @LiquidJinro Thats the dream 18 hours
  • @liquidthermy @Joe_LoGuidice @ZGGaming If you allow 32 players in the NA DreamHack it would kind of just be a meme 20 hours
  • @liquidthermy One of my worst series ever... been playing a bit worse every series this tournament, cant wait to see what my game… 20 hours
  • @liquidthermy RT @_Borsti: #DHSC2 #ESLProTour Masters 2020 Summer Europe *what a mouthful* First up in R3 of the Lower Bracket: @Liquid_MaNa vs @sc2_va… 1 day