Name: Dennis Li Age: Unknown Country: USA


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  • @UltimateHunter7 @SaintBelikin yeah it shouldn't since A is just a placeholder constant anyway. But seeing a subtraction mistake by… 1 day
  • @UltimateHunter7 @SaintBelikin pretty sure the second to last line is a mistake it should be (1-Ae^__) 1 day
  • @UltimateHunter7 RT @teamcmcbot: CMCbot will be back as a community funded project. It will continue to run as long as we have enough funds to pay for the n… 2 days
  • @UltimateHunter7 RT @SurgicalGoblin: #Giveaway / #Sorteo We are giving away 50$ #PayPal to one lucky winner! To enter the giveaway you have to: • Follo… 5 days