Name: Russel VanDulken Age: 27 Country: Canada


  • @Twistzz 1 - 1 for today, sorry for being inactive on twitter. Just havent been looking at social media. Thanks for the carry team 4 hours
  • @Twistzz RT @BLASTProSeries: .@Twistzz is dressed, groomed and ready for a swag experience in #Miami! @TeamLiquid want your support, get those tic… 8 days
  • @Twistzz Ended the major with a fun showmatch with @seangares 😊, got 2nd place, rip the dangerzone graffiti. 19 days
  • @Twistzz RT @BLASTProSeries: It's official, @TeamLiquid, @Cloud9 & @FazeClan are bringing the red, white and blue to BLAST Miami joining @Astralisgg… 23 days
  • @Twistzz 2 - 0 vs @natusvincere. Champion stage now. 3 - 0. 29 days