Name: Tommy Le Age: 21 Country: Sweden


  • @Taigadota @TeamLiquid @boxi98 @qojqva1 and me the camera man in one picture πŸ˜‹ 14 hours
  • @Taigadota Bromance, these jerseys are amazing, they look so cool and they are two of my favorite colors 😚😚 14 hours
  • @Taigadota Arrived in Amsterdam! Can’t wait to play again tomorrow πŸ˜› 21 hours
  • @Taigadota @Poogieboy The story of the game itself is amazing, so it would be very entertaining to watch 😞 pray 1 day
  • @Taigadota Would be so cool if valve or were to make Dota 2 hero lores in animated series/movie ☺️ Would definitely watch!! 1 day