Name: Erik van Helvert Age: 26 Country: Netherlands


  • @TabzzLoL @L1NKVAL @Aon1r more than one waifu will destroy ur laifu 9 hours
  • @TabzzLoL @SalvyyyTFT the change itself is good the conditions around it have to change 1 day
  • @TabzzLoL @SalvyyyTFT also natural shops shouldnt be affected so picking up ''bad'' units doesnt feel as bad 1 day
  • @TabzzLoL @SalvyyyTFT disagree 4 costs are just balanced around previous set 3 star difficulty 1 day
  • @TabzzLoL RT @soulcas_: Had a fun evening yesterday with the liquid gang completing an escape room then gettin some peng pizza. luv u all 💙💙💙 @L1NKVA… 10 days