Name: Erik van Helvert Age: 25 Country: Netherlands


  • @TabzzLoL RT @Mortdog: We wanted everyone to have the most fun possible this weekend with TFT, so we just deployed a hotfix for Locket of the Iron So… 13 hours
  • @TabzzLoL @Mortdog Thank you so much for the fast fix! 13 hours
  • @TabzzLoL Last days streaming TFT been pretty frustrating because of the locket meta. Will do my best and grind through it an… 15 hours
  • @TabzzLoL RT @scarra: PLEASE nerf locket it's like i'm playing last patch but every comp just stacks lockets AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 1 day
  • @TabzzLoL time to build some LOCKETS 2 days