Name: Josef Liepshutz Age: 17 Country: USA


  • @Stretched @xasma1337 realistics are such good practice glad i see u take fortnite seriously lol 12 hours
  • @Stretched @RepulseGod4 @JamperFN @Avery_FN Ur wrong but I can’t bother typing on my phone 14 hours
  • @Stretched @RepulseGod4 @JamperFN @Avery_FN Stark gets more because we have combats in our loot pool and stark gets more movem… 14 hours
  • @Stretched @RepulseGod4 @JamperFN @Avery_FN Without ball starks is better and if you think otherwise ur wrong 14 hours
  • @Stretched Ngl you guys got shit on last game ggs tho starks uncon not even top 3 free @jamperfn @avery_FN 14 hours