Name: Adam Crawford Age: 29 Country: USA


  • @Strafesh0t_ @Cheezburger No way right now. 1 hour
  • @Strafesh0t_ @TSM_Chica @GamerAdvantage Now that's incredible chica. Wow. 1 hour
  • @Strafesh0t_ @kaceytron @Ninja @ladygaga Wtf do I see females suddenly jumping on ninja over this completely blown out of propor… 4 hours
  • @Strafesh0t_ @Avxry We arent friends on epic and I've been going to bed feeling this weight for awhile now. 4 hours
  • @Strafesh0t_ @DrLupo Beep. 4 hours
  • @Strafesh0t_ @sonii Hi. I do fortnite things, and have been known to take a flightpath in azeroth every now and then. 4 hours
  • @Strafesh0t_ @Quick Just landed in austin but going to be gaming for a bit for sure! I'm down to clown for a bit online tonight! 10 hours