Name: Adam Crawford Age: 29 Country: USA


  • @Strafesh0t_ @TwitterGaming Actually I had so much fun on...Nosgoth. I miss it terribly. Beyond addicting. So sad for its random disconnection :( 5 hours
  • @Strafesh0t_ @DramaFPS_ @ZazzyFN @JLoveFN_ Someone help I can't see the original tweet lol 12 hours
  • @Strafesh0t_ If you put a fan in a vacuum sealed room and turned it it blowing air? Would you feel "wind"? 2 days
  • @Strafesh0t_ @TheFloodTV Yeah it's actually super annoying. Surprised I don't see more people talking bout this honestly. 2 days
  • @Strafesh0t_ So how come if I knock people out and then they die AFTER I do that it doesn't count as a point? Having multiple kn… 2 days
  • @Strafesh0t_ @JLoveFN_ I'm buying a scuff controller asap 2 days
  • @Strafesh0t_ @TTfue Tfue's battle bus looking like.. 2 days