Name: Jake Yip Age: 23 Country: USA


  • @stewie Lost 0-2 against Vitality. Super tough series and we just aren’t there yet but it was a good loss! NA derby agains… 4 hours
  • @stewie @TACOCS @dumaucs @felperaa @lattofps @b4rtiNfps @OLAchucky @ricsini @GODSENTgg Congrats Taco 👊👊 8 hours
  • @stewie @ricsini 🤣🤣🤣 loved the video. Wishing the best over there for you and the guys. Always hoping you guys get 2nd right behind us 🤍 10 hours
  • @stewie @m0E_tv Congratulations on making it to non existence brotha 🥳 15 hours
  • @stewie QUE ISSO? 2-0 Na’Vi LETS FUCKING GOOOO 👊👊👊! 1 day