Name: Dom Sulcas Age: Unknown Country:
  • @soulcas_ @XoZaK_ @Yertsys its like 4 effects put into 1, min max, fast lens blur , s_flicker, s_dissolveshake 1 day
  • @soulcas_ fragmovies will soon premiere on netflix 2 days
  • @soulcas_ @OUTCA5T yoooo thank you so much man that means alot to me 💛 2 days
  • @soulcas_ RT @xmelishaa: I love u @soulcas_ and you make me snort ugly laugh in posh places and ur my favourite everything. And somehow we have star… 2 days
  • @soulcas_ @shandyyR oh u poetic ball of cuteness 3 days