Name: Quentin Perera Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @Shoryulol RT @idcvicki: hey guys ;; so recently my moms car got broken into and id really appreciate it if you guys could donate anything to just sup… 1 day
  • @Shoryulol @LSXYZ9 slowed while eating ally and 100 mana cost too. Actually blows. 4 days
  • @Shoryulol @MichaelArtress @InsanityXXXlol maps 6 days
  • @Shoryulol @hiitsviper genetic nirvana 7 days
  • @Shoryulol LETS GO LIQUID. So hype actually. So excited for msi. LIQUID TF UP 9 days
  • @Shoryulol Inspired by @InsanityXXXlol 9 days
  • @Shoryulol @Hard so hard bro 10 days