Name: Janne Mikkonen Age: 32 Country: Finland


  • OGN Invitational
  • VGVN #3
  • VGVN #1
  • Heroes of Cards 2014 - Cup #3
  • Assembly Winter 2015
  • Kinguin For Charity - Spring Edition 2015
  • SeatStory Cup II
  • The Curse Trials
  • ASUS Play It Cool
  • @Savjz Interesting info here. Assuming that the ladder seasons/resets are timed with sets, the next set after this one wil… 4 hours
  • @Savjz This makes me think a new set is coming next week. I’d expect announcement on Monday and patch on Tuesday, because… 5 hours
  • @Savjz @RealJimmyJammer Hard to give a short answer. If you mean balance-wise, I would have to see all new units and heroes first. 2 days
  • @Savjz @nickryan Almost certainly ye, in order to allow new heroes to take the spotlight. 2 days
  • @Savjz Assuming that the ”sets” in HS Battlegrounds are still on a 4-month cadence, the next one should be in just over 2 weeks. I def hope so. 2 days