Name: Samu Kauppinen Age: Unknown Country: Finland


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  • @LiquidSambty RT @TeamLiquid: Our boys are ready for the PUBG action to return, with the first week of the PUBG Europe League taking place on Thursday th… 3 days
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  • @LiquidSambty @FaZe_Ch1caqO dont worry Liquid will win 😀 23 days
  • @LiquidSambty RT @FaZeFuzzface: With @FACEITPUBG tournament announced and 24 slots for invites I wonder how these will be seeded. Assuming @PUBGEsports b… 36 days
  • @LiquidSambty RT @FACEITPUBG: We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with @PUBG to host the first Global Event on the @PUBGEsports Circuit! 🏆… 37 days