Name: Tanner Trebb Age: 23 Country: Canada


  • @liquid_rogue What a great day of scrims. 1st, ?, ?, 1st, 1st, 1st. Literally almost 80 points or even 80 I don't know. 1 hour
  • @liquid_rogue @OhShaner @GhostMiccoy It was my first too probably or one of the ones I said was 3 hours
  • @liquid_rogue @peesh It’s decent I ain’t say it was bad, it’ll just be what it is forever. 3 hours
  • @liquid_rogue @StaxOfDonuts Wow lol 3 hours
  • @liquid_rogue here’s v2. My gf took this pic, please ignore my beautiful digital makeup. My dogs > 3 hours