Name: Shane Hendrixson Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @liquidrapha @girlnamedmaggie Can confirm they’re dope 15 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @Quake: Congratulations to our new Quake Pro League World Champion COOLLERZ @AntonSingov THE KING!!!👑 Follow the stories of the top 20… 17 days
  • @liquidrapha @cypherrrino and I will be playing the first quarter final match in about 15-30 mins. #quakeproleague #LETSGOLIQUID 17 days
  • @liquidrapha @Slasher @ThisisZoot @cypherrrino Maybe in an hour from now 18 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @ThisisZoot: We've seen this one before! So much respect between @liquidrapha and @cypherrrino, I'm buzzing to see these guys in a best… 18 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @IamFortyLions: ATTENTION!!! With his win over @Xronyy... @cypherrrino will play @liquidrapha in the round of 8 #QuakeProLeague https… 18 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @PNDKetchup: About to kick off @cypherrrino vs @toxjq1 here at the @Quake Pro League Stage 1 Finals! A clash of Quake 4 Beasts. Get in… 18 days