Name: Shane Hendrixson Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @liquidrapha RT @TeamLiquid: Need some evening plans? The #TLFAM is in full force on @Twitch, take your pick and tune in! 👾 htt… 3 days
  • @liquidrapha @TheUltraLex What service is it on? 5 days
  • @liquidrapha @TheUltraLex Might have had to hide my forehead for a few days from the imprint left there 6 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @TheUltraLex: @liquidrapha thank you for this brain damage 7 days
  • @liquidrapha @IamFortyLions Alternate days of music and thought just like you better be alternating and pumping those arms(open fist) 11 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @CyanEsports: Next week I'll be interviewing one of the absolute greatest players in esports history, @liquidrapha! I'd be thrilled to t… 13 days
  • @liquidrapha @TeamLiquid fan appreciation stream with @liquiddahang, come play some @Quake with us and chat in the TL discord =) 16 days