Name: Jake Brumleve Age: 20 Country: USA


  • @LiquidPoach also the divina mousepad is kinda nice 2 hours
  • @LiquidPoach The plan for the world cup weeks is to try and stream Monday-Thursday and then the weekend off stream practice and qualifiers. 2 hours
  • @LiquidPoach Been really busy with IRL stuff for the move, will be moving early next week to my new apartment, hopefully streams… 2 hours
  • @LiquidPoach RT @jfwong: How every game of every Battle Royale starts. in other news, I’m making videos on TikTok cuz it’s actually pretty fun and supe… 14 hours
  • @LiquidPoach I've been at the DMV all afternoon with no service, never been so bored in my life 1 day
  • @LiquidPoach so does EPIC know those hitches weren't fixed lmao or are we playing with those this weekend 2 days
  • @LiquidPoach @EliGE @compLexity Thank Mr.Twistzz 2 days