Name: Joshua Ohm Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @oSeecs @shoxCSGO Best of luck in the future Richard! You’ll always be a brother to me ❤️ 4 days
  • @oSeecs RT @TeamLiquidCS: Welcome our new coach @daps! A veteran of CS:GO, we're excited to bring his leadership, motivation and structure to put… 7 days
  • @oSeecs @Fadeycsgo Ggs <3 didn’t take it easy like I asked :( 15 days
  • @oSeecs RT @TeamLiquidCS: Team Liquid CS:GO Weapons Case incoming?!? We had the boys design their own weapon skins ideas- but we didn't tell them… 17 days
  • @oSeecs @joeyi_ YOU’RE DOIN AN AMAZING JOB BROTHA keep it up ❤️ 17 days