Name: Anssi Pekkonen Age: Unknown Country: Finland
  • @mxeygg @PUBG_Devs Map is great and with more playtime in ranked and scrims to gather feedback we might have a 3rd comp map in future 22 days
  • @mxeygg @PUBG_Devs -Taego to ranked without gulag or self-aed (Remove sanhok) -Rework gulag so you dont have to wait 10 min… 22 days
  • @mxeygg RT @Avnqr: Hey @PUBG @svperfecta i have a great idea Lets put TAEGO in ranked for tomorrows patch instead of Sanhok At these percentages:… 24 days
  • @mxeygg @liquidfan12 Dont have shadowplay so no my pov 32 days
  • @mxeygg Won last week of #PCS4Europe and ended overall second! #LETSGOLIQUID Gratz VP for the win! 32 days