Name: Anssi Pekkonen Age: Unknown Country: Finland


  • @mxeygg @mritunjay1999 @holandes58 😂 7 days
  • @mxeygg @holandes58 We placed 2nd in PCS 2 , won both PSL Season 7 and DreamHack Fall Showdown. Stop your bullshit man. 7 days
  • @mxeygg Played 💩 on groups. Going to enjoy this break before the finals starting 7th of November. Thanks for the support! 🤗… 7 days
  • @mxeygg Won Dreamhack PUBG Fall Showdown 🥇 GGWP #LETSGOLIQUID 15 days
  • @mxeygg @ENCE Oot kyl söpö @sKUIJKE 15 days