Liquid`Lex Veldhuis
Name: Lex Veldhuis Age: Unknown Country: Netherlands
  • @LexVeldhuis I always loooved watching wrestling like WWE / AEW. The stories, the characters, the showmanship. Then I turned 12. 1 day
  • @LexVeldhuis @spraggy I’d rather watch Squid Game for the 40th time than watch you play the WCOOP main event bud 1 day
  • @LexVeldhuis @jaredtendler Haha great comparison Jared. Must be interesting to compare your Team Liquid work with poker players. 3 days
  • @LexVeldhuis @HumphryJoey @diedemink Wow gestoord 4 days
  • @LexVeldhuis @Homie_Grass Yeah I have 5000 hours :) 4 days