Name: Alex Tompkins Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @LiquidKurumx RT @GiantSlayerTFT: Announcing the $10,000 NA versus EU @Mortdog Madness: Neon Nights Invitational! 🌃 Catch the action May 14-15 on https:… 15 days
  • @LiquidKurumx Production quality is cracked, would love to see something similar for NA France looks so stacked this year GLGL… 24 days
  • @LiquidKurumx @stuntopolis turbo vouch this man is cracked 26 days
  • @LiquidKurumx RT @AesahTFT: Hey guys I'm starting a new series called Full Open interviewing full time TFT players about their streaming careers! First 4… 36 days
  • @LiquidKurumx @BigmoranIRL bro this samx guy had a monkey killing macro 38 days