Name: Justin Kellar Age: Unknown Country: Canada


  • @justKellar @DamianEstrada @NovelKeys @obinslab That keyboard goes hard 😎 5 hours
  • @justKellar still don't know what to say 1 day
  • @justKellar RT @TSM_ImperialHal: So first of all, NEVER EVER I MEAN FUCKING EVER MAKE QUALIFIERS 3 GAMES EVER AGAIN, this shit does not display skill a… 1 day
  • @justKellar RT @Mendo: We fail in qualifying for the Major, we got extremely unlucky with circles but even in a winnable situation BOTH of my teammates… 1 day
  • @justKellar Ok not only did @imWonderfuls game crash - mine did too in the last game to try and make a comeback... 1 day