Name: Thierry Kaltenback Age: 26 Country: Canada
  • @Kaymind Now is a really good time to get some @TeamLiquid Merch friends, can get an extra 5% on top of the 50% with the cod… 4 days
  • @Kaymind Had an absolute blast playing this @playrust @TwitchRivals. Teammates brought only good vibes and despite the outco… 12 days
  • @Kaymind @thatkidwally @h7une Ahah don't get expect too much I'm gonna be washed af 19 days
  • @Kaymind RT @TeamLiquid: Legendary teams that shaped a generation. Wear the 20 year legacy. #LIQUIDxNARUTO 20 Year Anniversary Collection 🎉 March… 63 days
  • @Kaymind @Dylhero The fact that it takes 64 levels for you to burnout already makes you a superhuman to be honest 71 days