Name: Jim Gunnar Eliassen Age: Unknown Country: Norway


  • @LiquidJeemzz @vardFPS lets team up 4 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @G2ItzzChrizZ @G2esports @G2Braexco @G2Caint @G2udyRR @zhoisel wp boys, if im gonna be honest i didnt think you would do this good! 4 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz RT @miniment11: @VegasPUBG I want to see those 1 in 100 plays, I want to see teams succeed in impossible pushes, I want to see players clut… 4 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @WTFmoses need to adapt more 4 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @MaverickSocials 50/50 damn it sucks to get killstealed with this system. We only have 30 ish kills and like 10 stolen from us. 4 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz Need to finetune our lategame when we get hardshifts away from us, seem to always be in really good position early/… 4 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @thatguyniv maybe, these days are very hectic so I dont know if I can stream on gamedays 15 hours