Name: Jim Gunnar Eliassen Age: Unknown Country: Norway
  • @LiquidJeemzz @hambinooo posture god, teach me the posture tips and tricks 16 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @WJacky101 @GoldenNubian_ I agree with this and if I find someone "annoying" in chat I just ban them but it makes y… 17 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @close0ne @Mrtweeday LOL 17 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz My uncle sent me a picture of his dog and @FaZeFuzzface 4 months ago 😅the quote says "not so different from fuzz" 19 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @tgltnPUBG Besides the run and gun that you can do with a few weapons and the annoying after plant lineups i think its sick to watch 20 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @Owenusmc21 @PUBG nice, you happened to catch the one month where i actually streamed 24 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz RT @Avnqr: Hey @PUBG @svperfecta i have a great idea Lets put TAEGO in ranked for tomorrows patch instead of Sanhok At these percentages:… 24 days