Name: Jim Gunnar Eliassen Age: Unknown Country: Norway


  • @LiquidJeemzz @Wookiebookie I dont even think that it would be a thing in EU even if we had money 18 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @Wookiebookie I dont plan on anything I just said I wish we had 18 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @Frosti_PUBG @euscrimspubg That's good, I just think that most top teams dont value playing vs other teams that won… 19 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @Im_Relo @PUBGEsports Is the bed softer than the one at quarantine? 19 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @PurdyKurty @Snakerrrs Saw him leave pizza hut at 7.42PM with a blue-cheese pizza and a milkis. 19 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz @Snakerrrs I might have seen this man get on a bus earlier, will dm you with info. 19 hours
  • @LiquidJeemzz RT @Snakerrrs: Has anyone seen this guy? He escaped to Korea. Contact me immediately. 19 hours