Name: David Challe Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @InsanityXXXlol @YassuoNA I wash my hands while I pee 1 day
  • @InsanityXXXlol @redmercy Combos are too situational but good poke in lane is just q ew q 3 days
  • @InsanityXXXlol @redmercy harass is just e spam level 1 with scorch, e q through wave + them if they walk in their creeps 3 days
  • @InsanityXXXlol @redmercy strong wave clear, no huge Mana issues and high damage but downside is he is as tanky as a ranged creep 3 days
  • @InsanityXXXlol @xojessicv ok come on don't make it out to be like that.... one is useless and one is overpowered... 3 days
  • @InsanityXXXlol @C9Banana ok your nami is clean but everyone else lost their nami privileges 3 days
  • @InsanityXXXlol @C9Banana I do 3 days