Name: David Challe Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @insanitylol @Shakarez IT'S SO BUSTED 2 hours
  • @insanitylol @tonkat5u the only holiday song u should have on repeat 17 hours
  • @insanitylol aurelion sol with conqueror is absolutely bonkers.. u heard it here first 18 hours
  • @insanitylol @Yassuo think there's a fight scene coming up that is absolutely horrible soon 1 day
  • @insanitylol @Yassuo have u seen black clover? 1 day
  • @insanitylol @MeteosLoL What's ur score on wordscapes 2 days
  • @insanitylol @clgaming @Deus1v1 @Fragas that's my boy fragas 2 days