Name: David Challe Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @InsanityXXXlol 1 hour
  • @InsanityXXXlol @Nightris_ poe shirt??? 5 hours
  • @InsanityXXXlol RT @YusuiLoL: As of today I am officially a free agent. Open to all offers with my primary goal being to start in the LCS. DMs open, RTs ap… 6 hours
  • @InsanityXXXlol RT @Lourlo: I am no longer under contract with Echo Fox and I am a free agent for the 2020 spring split. Looking for Top Lane opportunities… 7 hours
  • @InsanityXXXlol @xSojin @ChubsLoL @lolArnav i lost all of my tickets man 9 hours
  • @InsanityXXXlol @ChubsLoL toaster strudels >pop tarts tho 1 day
  • @InsanityXXXlol @ChubsLoL d is for dipping the fuck out of here 1 day