Name: Aydin Sarkohi Age: 25 Country: Sweden


  • @iNsan1a RT @TeamLiquid: 8 days and 40+ streams later, we not only met every goal we set, but blew them out of the water 😵 Thank you to all of the… 3 days
  • @iNsan1a @coL_Zfreek Lmao gg 5 days
  • @iNsan1a @Aphiren ... my greatest enemy. 5 days
  • @iNsan1a Summertime is a scam gimme my hour of sleep back 5 days
  • @iNsan1a RT @lilylanaya: 'thank god that dota has a safeword(GG)' sorry but why does everything have to be sexualised? Don't want to hear it when I'… 8 days