Name: Jord van Geldere Age: Unknown Country: Netherlands
  • @Liquid_ibiza @dohfOs Will def see you around Martin. gl! 2 hours
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  • @Liquid_ibiza RT @DANNYonPC: Remembrance day 2019 Remembrance day 2020 Remembrance day 2021 Bit of a difference than normal #dodenherdenking Amsterdamā€¦ 2 days
  • @Liquid_ibiza RT @pansy: Its also weird to have a dev listen to feedback and action something. Like is this... communication? 2 days
  • @Liquid_ibiza @pansy haha right. 2 days
  • @Liquid_ibiza @PepperJC Clean. 3 days
  • @Liquid_ibiza @TeamLiquid @LiquidNazgul HB, Victor!! šŸ„³šŸ„³ 3 days