Name: George Maganzini Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @hyped_af @Cabled not quite LUL getting those card game juices flowin 5 days
  • @hyped_af Hey dudes I'm taking some time off to recharge, see you in Runeterra ;) 5 days
  • @hyped_af Guys I've seen some early polling and I think I can beat Doublelift this year but I'm gonna need each and every one… 15 days
  • @hyped_af RT @EphosGG: We are excited to be hosting one of the most stacked #TeamfightTactics tournaments to date. The tournament will be starting 11… 17 days
  • @hyped_af @LiQuiD112 @Portilho @JackEtienne Hell yeah I'm buying! 25 days