Name: George Maganzini Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @hyped_af RT @GaaraTwitch: Too many to tag, but this one is pure Nostaliga overload @StrifeCro @TempoReynad @coL_noxious @G2Rdu @Ekop @Savjz @ThatsAd… 35 days
  • @hyped_af @Gummi_God and of course don't forget about bbq chicken pizza if you're just looking for a break from marinara! 77 days
  • @hyped_af @Gummi_God Mediterranean pizza usually doesn't have sauce and it's bomb 77 days
  • @hyped_af @floaromaa 79 days
  • @hyped_af @katieguo i hope the rest of your day is more catjam katie 84 days