Name: Frank Zhang Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @liquid_fr0zen Been watching a few MT matches here and there, anyone know where I can buy the diamond drek'thar? 19 days
  • @liquid_fr0zen @J_Alexander_HS 100% agree with the drek’thar hate, I’m surprised so few people complain about him. 27 days
  • @liquid_fr0zen @DairyHercules I’ll try to get a video next time I max, I have the 225 a while back 31 days
  • @liquid_fr0zen @Solid_monk Inspired by ufpwrlifter 31 days
  • @liquid_fr0zen Streaming first major hearthstone tournament, Chinese team league with delay starting soon vs @LGDgaming lineup bel… 31 days