Name: Frank Zhang Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @Liquid_Fr0zen @PlayHearthstone combined 3 2/1 murloc and got 3 golden minions monkaS 3 hours
  • @Liquid_Fr0zen RT @Bunnyhoppor: Won the Lion King Innvitational. Pretty happy, but insanely tired now and looking forward to go home and play some battleg… 25 days
  • @Liquid_Fr0zen RT @ZelKnow: Information about this weekend’s #Hearthstone Suning Invitational Tournament: - Format: 9ban4 Bo5 KOF(LHS) Team League - Teams… 29 days
  • @Liquid_Fr0zen RT @TeamLiquid: Be sure to wish a very happy birthday to strategy game renaissance man @Liquid_Fr0zen! 🥳🎂🎉 From everyone in the TL family… 44 days
  • @Liquid_Fr0zen @Navi00T 😡 45 days
  • @Liquid_Fr0zen @Casie_HS @FenoHS 22 minions died rough count 12 karthuts a few muertas that could res it as well 46 days
  • @Liquid_Fr0zen @FenoHS Yep 46 days