Name: Thomas Cook Age: 22 Country: USA


  • @Liquid_Flanker @Liquid_Casper LMAO that was our duo q teammate 2 days
  • @Liquid_Flanker RT @oh_Nocturnal: going to mcdonalds yall want sumn 5 days
  • @Liquid_Flanker RT @TeamLiquid: Our players be like: 😱 Follow along with our players as they experience the new @Alienware Training Facility for the first… 16 days
  • @Liquid_Flanker RT @TeamLiquid: Game time! The ALGS Playoffs are kicking off 😤 Go get’m @oh_Nocturnal @Liquid_Flanker and @hodsic #LetsGoLiquid https://… 19 days
  • @Liquid_Flanker Internet fixed, lighting fried all my cables outside 😯 23 days