Name: Hasan Metehan Kuzucu Age: Unknown Country: Turkey


  • @eternity_cr RT @BioHazCR: Safe to say 2020 is a real bitch. 1 day
  • @eternity_cr RT @IsaacGrindinger: I am a free agent for next CRL. If I find a team that I truly believe can win the championship, I will give 120% and p… 1 day
  • @eternity_cr @SweepMM splash yard lol 1 day
  • @eternity_cr RT @CWA: The most effective (and annoying?) deck in the meta! Check out @alperen_cr play some live top ladder w/ xbow pump! Watch here - h… 7 days
  • @eternity_cr @MobileMarkoni 1. @cr_lik 2. @cr_lik 3. @cr_lik 7 days