Name: Egor Akhmetzianov Age: Unknown Country: Russian Federation


  • @hazard003_ @CeLiang7 😭 15 days
  • @hazard003_ RT @KazlitsaCr: Hey,I am free agent for @ClashContender if any team have offers dont hesitate to dm me.Ready to play in all tryouts.I am ve… 16 days
  • @hazard003_ @KazlitsaCr @ClashContender Give him a opportunity,very good player 16 days
  • @hazard003_ RT @EB7: So proud of @hazard003_ for his finish this season, managed top 10 without using mortar. Absolute beast #Zaebumba 17 days
  • @hazard003_ RT @SurgicalGoblin: I was already super excited but after calling and watching @hazard003_ play I want to fly back to LA tomorrow and start… 17 days