Name: Diego Becerra Age: 19 Country: Mexico


  • @DiegoB_CR @OPeter_cr @SurgicalGoblin CRL players will be in NA by the time this happens so they're allowed to play in it 35 mins
  • @DiegoB_CR @MrSirHazard Tell George he needs a haircut 4 hours
  • @DiegoB_CR @Rockstar_YT @Kent_Golemeshi @adrianpiedracr dijo top player 18 hours
  • @DiegoB_CR @SokingRcQ 🙌 me encanta esto 22 hours
  • @DiegoB_CR @ahcraaaap Happy birthday josh 🤩 1 day
  • @DiegoB_CR @wings Happy birthday james :D 1 day
  • @DiegoB_CR @adrianpiedracr aguas @RazzerCR @colton_wall 1 day