Name: Benjamin Baker Age: 33 Country: United Kingdom
  • @DeMusliM @DivDota Think my main issue is people giving up exceedingly quick, and picking very poorly for their positions i.e… 1 hour
  • @DeMusliM After solo queueing dota 2 for a couple months, I gotta commend people for their ability to handle MOBAs for as lon… 1 hour
  • @DeMusliM RT @MonsterGaming: “I’ll be forgotten in 3 years.” We couldn't disagree more, @MATUMBAMAN. 🔥 After his retirement, Matu's legacy isn’t ju… 3 days
  • @DeMusliM @Reynor02 Is this like that one time you invented mass ling 8 years after it was a thing already? 3 days
  • @DeMusliM RT @TeamLiquid: “What were peaks for 95% of the pro scene, were plateaus for Matu.” ⛰️ You know that @MATUMBAMAN is good. But do you know… 3 days