Name: Christian Age: Unknown Country: Germany


  • @DarkHydraTFT First Master EUW set 1 and set 2. This game is way too easy :). 12 days
  • @DarkHydraTFT RT @SleetTFT: Table of NA legends except we're missing @k3soju . @DarkHydraTFT honorary NA player :) 66 days
  • @DarkHydraTFT RT @Fujitorahs: Watching the Apex finals with the @DarkHydraTFT himself. 66 days
  • @DarkHydraTFT RT @TeamLiquidLoL: Little Legends are adorable but which one is the cutest? The Teamfight Tactics Discord is putting on a contest to find… 71 days
  • @DarkHydraTFT RT @TeamLiquid: Liquid is now the Top 2 spots of the TFT Ladder 🙌 Welcome @AlanzqTFT and @darkhydratft! Tune in and play along on stream f… 72 days