Name: Tim Fogarty Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @liquiddahang @locklearOW :( 5 days
  • @liquiddahang @locklearOW What’s up?! 5 days
  • @liquiddahang @zmpneon @TeamLiquid @Alienware @HyperX @MonsterGaming @SAP @NEEDforSEAT @jerseymikes @Honda Yeah, and all the others ;) 10 days
  • @liquiddahang @MonsterGaming Quake 2 11 days
  • @liquiddahang @FrothyOmen Esports is not entirely about competition these days, as backwards as that sounds. 11 days
  • @liquiddahang @pokeaotic Happy fragging! Will see you in the arena again! 14 days
  • @liquiddahang RT @AndrewYang: The only thing standing between me and the White House is popularity. 15 days