Name: Tim Fogarty Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @liquiddahang @ScubaForDogs Yep. The content of the ideas and the reasoning behind them > personal anecdotes. 1 hour
  • @liquiddahang @McwhorterSandra @muchmor1 @BernieSanders Even if you think it may not be needed as many employers offer maternity… 1 day
  • @liquiddahang RT @KHayhoe: Used to be, the most common objections to climate action were that it wasn't real, human-caused, or would cost too much to fix… 3 days
  • @liquiddahang RT @bad_posting: The child tax credit should be permanent. No child deserves to suffer through poverty. #ProtectTheCTC 4 days
  • @liquiddahang @KyleKulinski Its tough with 52 republican senators. 5 days
  • @liquiddahang @JamesTreakle Manchin is terrible. Let's not forget there are 50+ misguided people, we just have absolutely zero ex… 7 days
  • @liquiddahang RT @mehdirhasan: If you’re reporting on Joe Manchin’s opposition to the climate change provisions in the Build Back Better bill, you should… 9 days