Name: Yong-in Jo Age: 27 Country: South Korea
  • @TLCoreJJ @StichanXD Happy bday!🥳 21 hours
  • @TLCoreJJ RT @TeamLiquidLoL: We need your help on a new youtube video, what are your favorite @Bjergsen and @TLCoreJJ clips? Let us know in the rep… 6 days
  • @TLCoreJJ RT @TeamLiquidLoL: With his outstanding professional analyst career on TSM, and his win with them in 2020 Summer Split, we’re excited to we… 7 days
  • @TLCoreJJ @Tactical 11 days
  • @TLCoreJJ 100% win rate from GM to Challenger NA support running the KR server :) 12 days