Name: Yong-in Jo Age: 26 Country: South Korea
  • @TLCoreJJ Team does solorank matter? ( rank 1,2,3,4,10 ) vs DarkHorseAcedemy ( 4TLA+ Darkwings) Start at 8pm pst… 11 hours
  • @TLCoreJJ @Tactical how is it down there @Jensen 12 hours
  • @TLCoreJJ I believe it is not only me getting bored without competition games. Every workless gamers, let's queue up on NA inhouse channel. 2 days
  • @TLCoreJJ RT @TeamLiquidLoL: Nothing to be scared of when you have @TLCoreJJ doing the shot calls. 🎧 Listen into our Jersey Mic’d presented by @jers… 2 days
  • @TLCoreJJ Can CoreJJ match Vulcan in Finals tomorrow? 9 days