Name: Ryan Chaplo Age: 34 Country: USA


  • @LiquidChap RT @Ninja: @kaceytron @ladygaga I have literally played squads with multiple women after that article over the last year and a half as well… 3 hours
  • @LiquidChap @TheAlphaCord nvm vault grenades 3 hours
  • @LiquidChap @FortniteBR wow thanks my birthday is on the 21st means a lot 7 hours
  • @LiquidChap PERFECT COMPETITIVE CHAPter 2 + Jump Pads + Shield Bubbles + Chug Splashes RPGS -> Airdrops ONLY Grenades limit to 6 stack 13 hours
  • @LiquidChap @Ninja i was like really happy 23 hours
  • @LiquidChap @Stretched carried by world cup winner 1 day
  • @LiquidChap SPLODE CHAP IS BACK 1 day