Name: Ryan Chaplo Age: 34 Country: USA


  • @LiquidChap @Ceice @LiquidRiversan i turned his alarm off 11 hours
  • @LiquidChap If you want to do good today land center map/retail 12 hours
  • @LiquidChap @Electra @Saintdye @Poach we've been in a faithful relationship for 5 years.. 23 hours
  • @LiquidChap Epic can we please get quads back 1 day
  • @LiquidChap @CouRageJD im about to play some vr minecraft 1 day
  • @LiquidChap I'll never understand why epic always tries to lower the spawn rates of broken vehicles/items as their way nerfing them 3 days
  • @LiquidChap @72hrs @WizKayTV i would never sell out tbh.. im one of the real ones 100% 4 days