Name: Brenden Marino Age: 26 Country: USA


  • @Liquid_casper @shahin @TTrebb @PlayApex god dammit, i was just kidding, i didnt think shahin or ghost would see :( 1 hour
  • @Liquid_casper @TTrebb @PlayApex hold your horses, one thing at a time. dont want to overload them 1 hour
  • @Liquid_casper @brandnchou @Poach TL got limited keys. Unfortunately not everyone was able to get one :( 2 hours
  • @Liquid_casper @Hawwkmoon @Poach was talking about getting it from poaches cute ass. ive had his shit up for like 4 hours 2 hours
  • @Liquid_casper @Hawwkmoon @Poach proof or it didnt happen 2 hours