Name: Brian Canavan Age: 30 Country: USA
  • @BananaSlamJamma @Sakarovich1 Constructive criticisms are very welcome! 15 days
  • @BananaSlamJamma I officially have a website to find all of my content including coaching schedule, social links, latest video uploa… 15 days
  • @BananaSlamJamma @jabbz1301 @GaiminGladiator Jabbz major finalist Pog 21 days
  • @BananaSlamJamma @JenkinsDota on that panel making me feel some kind of way. Also, if @Blitz_DotA tries to escape @iNsan1a on socials. Suck it Blitz 22 days
  • @BananaSlamJamma RT @Blitz_DotA: If you think that jabbz is ass at his job and deserves to be fired because he got put into a really shitty situation last m… 22 days