Name: Mads Brock-Pedersen Age: Unknown Country: Denmark
  • @BroxahLoL Not the cleanest win ever, but we take those. Now I can go to bed happy, @TeamLiquid to the top! #TLWIN 1 day
  • @BroxahLoL 📸 by @KonkolMichal, best photographer 😍 1 day
  • @BroxahLoL On my way home after a nice #LEC weekend. A few crazy games to analyze and many opportunities to catch up with old… 1 day
  • @BroxahLoL I feel bad for BDS, this ending is going to hurt so much. What an insane game though, props to both teams. Wow. #LEC 2 days
  • @BroxahLoL Ok maybe not all LCK teams are aggressive, but you get the idea - beautiful coordination and team wide plays 2 days