Name: Mads Brock-Pedersen Age: Unknown Country: Denmark


  • @BroxahLoL Back in business, let's go get some wins. 12 hours
  • @BroxahLoL RT @TeamLiquidLoL: A dub is a dub no matter how flubbed πŸ˜… With that, #SubsforDubs is back courtesy of @jerseymikes. Come grab some grub on… 20 hours
  • @BroxahLoL @Santorin Keep the mood up, you played a solid game and the match could barely be closer. Looking forward to the rematch πŸ€— 2 days
  • @BroxahLoL @esports_kobe @TeamLiquidLoL Going for the Fast & Furious quote, what a legend! 2 days
  • @BroxahLoL AAAAARHHHHH GOT 'EM, 2-0 WEEK #TLWIN 2 days