Name: Samuel Svahn Age: 21 Country: Sweden


  • @boxi98 RT @TeamLiquid: "No matter what, we have each other's backs, and we'll do our best together." - @Boxi98 Get to know about our new offlaner… 2 days
  • @boxi98 me and the boys 5man 4 days
  • @boxi98 made the major 😁😁 hope for a rematch against @thealliancegg for the memes, but srsly looking forward to seeing you guys again 😊 9 days
  • @boxi98 Found some drafting shoes for @iNsan1a 13 days
  • @boxi98 @theAllianceGG @NikoDOTA @LimmpDota @33Dota @Handsken1 @DotaFata Work on those pingpong skills! GL 14 days