Name: Charle McLaren Age: 16 Country: USA


  • @Boeufmac @Pompeyo4CR @RayioCR @DreamHackMS @Corona13MX @CarlatasFC Well played pomp, it sucks to lose in the top 16 twice😓 2 days
  • @Boeufmac @iDarkAngelCR Ggs, thanks for great sportsmanship and wish you the best of luck in the rest of the tourney❤️ 2 days
  • @Boeufmac @wings 4 days
  • @Boeufmac @KojisanYT @wings @EB7 @ahcraaaap is our caster 5 days
  • @Boeufmac @AYisGOD Yes we do? 6 days
  • @Boeufmac @EB7 @wings @Trainer__Chris @GeorgeCR_ 6 days
  • @Boeufmac @JACK15842169 @Kent_Golemeshi 🤔 7 days