Name: Jonathan Armao Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @armao_lol @Spawnlol Thanks jake just ignore me griefing the 1st gank 20 days
  • @armao_lol @lolTomo12 tomol9 is leading the rat army wp 20 days
  • @armao_lol RT @TeamLiquidLoL: Farming champs > ending game? šŸ˜‚ šŸŽ¤ Team Liquid Academy Jersey Mic'd presented by @jerseymikes now live:ā€¦ 21 days
  • @armao_lol i griefed next games better sry 27 days
  • @armao_lol 3-1 academy week and 2-0 over @100Thieves, wp to @Spawnlol and @H4xDefender coaches are op. 28 days